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Okay, ladies... I need your help. My swimsuit is too small. I was going to wait until closer to summer to get a new one, but I don't think I'm going to go down THAT much in size in a month! If I do, then, woo hoo! I'll exchange it. I think that I'm going to just order one from Victoria's Secret because it will be a lot less hassle than shopping for one. You know how much fun that is! I need your help...

Jess said I look good in aqua, and my tattoo is aqua, so I think I'm leaning toward that color.


Of course, there are also these colors:

for the bottoms, I was thinking boyshorts, but got worried when the site described them as sitting on the hip with "moderate" coverage for the front. The "mid scoop" says "not too high, not too low" so I think I might go with those... I'm not sure if I want to mix and match colors, though... hmmmm....

Also... sizing... I know I'll get a 36A for the top. I've been getting Victoria's Secret bras since my size went down, and that size has been perfect. But... the bottom... This is the chart on the site...

My waist is 37 inches while my hips are only 39 and a half! Which size would I go? I'm thinking L.

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